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Name: BeatStick
Kills: 394
Name: Sentok
Kills: 346
Name: Emma
Kills: 280
Name: Yufa
Kills: 255
Name: Exosnitch
Kills: 186
Name: BeatStickKills: 394
Name: Takes: 0
Name: EbilRO GM TeamCastles: 38

Terms of Service

Please read before creating an account!

  1. Don't kill monsters which already get hit by other players, especially not in the Dead Branch Arena. There you're only allowed to kill the monsters you spawned yourself. (exception: MVPs, they're free for all)
  2. Don't ask a GM for items. Also GMs will never ask you for your login id / password. If somebody asks you for this datas or tell you he's a gm, but he don't have the gm clothes please report it to
  3. Don't bot or use another Ragnarok client to play at this server. We maybe block your account if you dont use the original EbilRO client or patch. It's also not allowed to modify the client.
  4. No skill spamming in prontera.
  5. Don't harass, annoy or dis other players or GMs.
  6. Don't loot items of other players. If you thought he won't have this item it's okay, but you have to give it back if he want it.
  7. No bugusing, item dupe or the try. We'll block all suspected accounts. If you know a bug you have to report it ( or your account will be blocked. If somebody else reports the bug and we can check if somebody used this bug and we'll block all these accounts!
  8. No spamming! Also don't spam with trade requests, party invitation or something like this (especially at WOE).
  9. Don't advertise other servers.
  10. In Prontera Shops are only allowed at the left and right field of the street.
  11. You aren't allowed to sell or buy items for real money.
  12. Don't name yourself like any staff members or you are risking of getting banned!
  13. Also don't make fun of other players name or something like that or you also risking of getting banned!
  14. AFK farming in any way is prohibited the only exception may be Homonunculus but we leave it open to forbid that too if the abuse is excessive (autotrade farming)!
  15. Don't talk bad about GMs / Ex-GMs or you'll become blocked.
  16. Don't ask to be a GM or you risk to become blocked.
CASTLE: KRIEMHILD DATE: Sunday 7 pm to 8 pm
CASTLE: GONDUL DATE: Wednesday 9 pm to 10 pm
CASTLE: Bamboo Grove hills DATE: -
Guild: EbilRO GM Team
Castles: 38
Guild: Chibitos
Castles: 4
Guild: Athanatos
Castles: 2
Guild: Orenda
Castles: 0
Guild: ForeverLove
Castles: 0