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Name: Sentok
Kills: 600
Name: BeatStick
Kills: 536
Name: Emma
Kills: 354
Name: quickboorn
Kills: 306
Name: Ichi
Kills: 265
Name: SentokKills: 600
Name: Takes: 0
Name: EbilRO GM TeamCastles: 38


Sapphire Highrate:

EbilRO 2.0 Restart is the revival of the legendary EbilRO Server. Founded in 2007, originally by Donon which started the EbilRO server and his Teammate Erukanu they had the passion to develop a unique Ragnarok online experience with a keen eye for balance between the two diffrent server there was with the Highrate Sapphire and the lowrate Docubu. There even was a old school server for a short while with no transcendence classes. We can proudly announce that the whole project is brought back alive once again with one of the originally team member Erukanu and three more EbilRO veterans which have a lot of experience in developing servers as they also had famous servers themselves.


Rates: 3000x3000x 10%Drop - 1% Card 5% MVP
Max Level: 230/70
Max Stat: 200
Max ASPD: 190
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Maintown: Prontera, Morocc, Geffen, Payon
Episode: 12
Renewal System: No - Pre Renewal
Third Jobs Implemented: No
PK Mode: Yes except for towns
Custom Gears: Yes but just cosmetical


Warper Job Changer Reseter Stylist
Novice Resetter PvP & KoH Warper PvP StatsViewer Rental
Healer Refiner Vote Shop Coin Trader


Unique PvP System (coming) Job Reset PK Mode Custom Dungeons
Custom Headgears (coming) Town Invasion (coming) Custom PvP & KoH Custom Instances (coming)
Anti-Cheat System Mini Games Roulette/Casino Vote 4 Points

Discord Server:
CASTLE: KRIEMHILD DATE: Sunday 7 pm to 8 pm
CASTLE: GONDUL DATE: Wednesday 9 pm to 10 pm
CASTLE: Bamboo Grove hills DATE: -
Guild: EbilRO GM Team
Castles: 38
Guild: Cute
Castles: 3
Guild: Athanatos
Castles: 1
Guild: Chibitos
Castles: 1
Guild: Pixel Heroes
Castles: 1