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Name: Sentok
Kills: 600
Name: BeatStick
Kills: 536
Name: Emma
Kills: 354
Name: quickboorn
Kills: 306
Name: Ichi
Kills: 265
Name: SentokKills: 600
Name: Takes: 0
Name: EbilRO GM TeamCastles: 38

EbilRO Client Downloads

Install Instructions:

1. Download and open the self exstracting .exe (if Windows say it's dangerous to save/keep .exe data just go over "Information" and say keep) extract everything to a temporary Location. 2. After the extraction you will find 3 files one of them is the Fullinstaller .exe file open it and chose now your installtion folder 3. When the installation is finished it will open a game teaser video and after that click on start patcher and patch to the newest version of the game and then chose your settings before you start the game.

For AMD gpu users if you encounter problems after starting the game please rename your dbghelp.dll in the EbilRO folder to dbghelp_old.dll and also don't forget to chose a graphics card in the settings.

Download from MEGA
Download from Google Drive

CASTLE: KRIEMHILD DATE: Sunday 7 pm to 8 pm
CASTLE: GONDUL DATE: Wednesday 9 pm to 10 pm
CASTLE: Bamboo Grove hills DATE: -
Guild: EbilRO GM Team
Castles: 38
Guild: Cute
Castles: 3
Guild: Athanatos
Castles: 1
Guild: Chibitos
Castles: 1
Guild: Pixel Heroes
Castles: 1